Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saw 'Last Vegas" Today

It was pretty funny but made me really reflective. I loved Morgan Freeman's character and really related to his son in the movie.  As a parent, we would like to take our children and put them in a bubble to keep them safe.  And as kids we so resent that and just fight to be able to be independent.  Of course most of us grow up to be parents and want to keep our kids in bubbles then we decide we need to keep our parents there as well as they age. All this is out of fear, we fear loosing them.

With my cousin Sarah's death two weeks ago I feel almost paralyzed with fear. I want to lock my family in a bubble and keep them safe.  I am horrified that she died.  I am heartbroken for my aunt and cousins.  But I am also so very afraid because I know too well how short life can be.  But like in the movie today, that's not living.

So I find a way to let my kids out of the house, to let them go and do the things they want.  With only the hope that they will come home.  The hope that I will be able to watch them grow up and worry about me and want to put me in that bubble.