Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do onto Others

This has always been my mantra, it is what I have struggled to teach my children.  This weeks reading at church was Matthew 25: 31-46.  It’s where Jesus is separating the sheep and the goats.  The sheep he places on his right and gives them the kingdom that was prepared for  them.  They have fed, gave drink, welcomed, clothed, and visited in prison Jesus by doing these things to the least of their brothers.

Then the goats he place on his left.  He sends them away with a curse on them to the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angles.  They have not fed, given drink, welcomed, clothed or visited in prison Jesus by doing these things to the least of their brothers.  Until this week I don’t remember hearing the second part of this.  The first part is very familiar but not the second part.    

But it doesn’t really get more clear than that does it?  So later this week I read on someone’s facebook that they are very upset by someone asking them for money.  She felt like she had worked hard for her money, had struggled and sacrificed and why shouldn’t everyone do that.  She had gone without so why shouldn’t other people.  I get this to a point.  We all know that some people just have their hand out and expect others to take care of them. 

So I continued to read and see what people were saying and what was going on.  She says this is the second time the girl has asked for help and she helped her the first time but if she does it again she will just continue to ask.  And she has her own family to care for and has gone without vacations in the past to have money in savings now.  And the reason this woman is asking for help is because her husband has died and she and her child won’t have food for Thanksgiving.  Wow.

So I answered that I might not just give her cash but would drop off food so they wouldn’t be without.  She said they lived several hours away and the woman wanted a gift card for Walmart.  And when she was a child they had to go without food many days and she turned out fine. 

I don’t get it, I don’t get having enough and not helping someone.  I certainly don’t get having surplus and not helping someone, let alone someone who asked you for help. 

So I want to say thank you to those in my life who have helped me when I needed it.  Thank you for living as a sheep.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Z had his first basketball practice tonight.  He did so good!  I can’t believe how much he’s grown from last year. 

When we went to get in the car he told me how Avery embarrassed him.  Not let me just say, Avery can do a lot of embarrassing things and I wasn’t thrilled he took his belt off but I couldn’t think of anything he’d done especially embarrassing tonight.  So I asked Z how did Avery embarrass you?  He said Avery kept yelling that Zachery was playing like a girl! lol  I’m thinking Z shouldn’t have started calling Avery sluggo before practice. lol

The Walton’s

I so love that show!  We were watching last night and it just brings tears to my eyes watching the family come back together. 

It got me thinking about Thanksgiving.  It would be like a dream come true to just have my family show up and spend the holiday with me. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Thirty-One Journey

I thought I would start to blog about my new job.  I started selling Thirty-One in August.  I have had 7 parties since.  I have prayed so long for a way to help my family and really feel like God is leading me here.  I booked another party tonight. 

I am really having fun and loving this.  I made $143.99 my first month in August, $180.38 in September and $275.25 in October.  I think November will be a little smaller and I already have a big December planned! 

My next goal is to start recruiting people.  So many of these things make you seem like a nut! lol  But I don’t feel that way with 31.  This is such a wonderful company and I am so thrilled to share that. 

I am sharing this so I can look back one day and see how far I have come. 


It has to be the most used word in my house.  Someone is always talking about it.  Did you fart? I’m going to fart on you!  Did you hear that fart?  Boys rock!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Life of the party

Avery went to a friends birthday party tonight and it was so great seeing him laughing and cutting up with his friends. 


I hope someone got a good group shot all mine were blurry but I did get one of the funny ones.  I think it’s great!


Happy sweet 16 to a sweet young man!  I hope you had a great party Clark! 

Thanksgiving lunch

Zachery’s class did a cute little play before lunch yesterday for the parents.  Avery was going to wait in the car he didn’t want to be seen with his rash. lol  But he came in at the last minute and watched. 

001 003 008 010

Zachery was H hurry we’re hungry we say!  I love this age. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My boys

We had some pictures taken the other day and I think they came out great. 

IMG_2623 004

It was an Avery day, the photographer, Lily Jumper Photography  donated her time for this.  She is a part of a group, Inspiration through Art that donates pictures for kids with special needs or who are ill.  img_2567

I have never asked for anything for Avery before but thought after the year he had I was asking. The boys and dad.


Mom and Avery.


Avery and Zachery



Avery and his family.


And Avery and Sarah!

img_2678   img_2655IMG_2708

Rash day 3

Ok I feel so much better about the rash this morning.  I am sure it’s an allergic reaction.  He looks so bad!  I kept him home today and his face is bright red.  I put some ointment on him they gave him last year in the hospital when he was allergic to the other medicine.  So not only is his face bright red, it’s shinny! lol 

I have decided that I will pick Zachery up at lunch time and take the boys to McDonald’s for lunch.  Since Avery refuses to go into the school like this and I don’t want to leave him alone that long. 

I really woke up feeling happy thinking that he’s not in a flair!  It was what I was really afraid of, that he would be in a flair and the horror of last year was back.  We can deal with an allergic reaction. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Rash Day 2



So I took Avery to the Dr yesterday for the rash.  We stopped the antibiotic and did some blood work.  His blood work is all great so that is good!  But today the rash is worse.  I’m afraid he’s allergic to one of his meds, but which one? 

Now he has to miss his field trip tomorrow, he is not happy.  I have to call his Rheumy, his old one because we aren’t established with the new one yet.  I am going to take him off everything except his steroid in the morning. 

I just hate this!  Everything goes along so well and then wham, right between the eyes, he’s got a rash. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Rash

I just got a phone call from the nurse at Avery’s school.  She had called him into the office to give him his antibiotic and noticed a very red rash on his arms.  She wanted to know if she should give it to him.  So now here I sit waiting for the Dr’s office to open to see what to do.  Is he allergic to the antibiotic?  Or is this his systemic rash?