Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fruits

That is what I keep thinking as I look at Avery getting ready for prom.  This is the fruits of our labor.  Last year as I looked at all the prom pictures I admit it, I cried.  I wondered if my son would ever have those things; a girl to love, a prom to get ready for, all the things that come so naturally to others. 

When Avery was born, we were afraid.  We have run the gamut of emotions over the past 17 years. I won’t say it’s been harder than it should have been or even easier.  I know that there were time I wondered if he would ever be able to do anything.  As he would sit on the floor in Wal-mart refusing to get up or walk, I would ask myself how will he ever be able to take care of himself or do anything. 

Tonight my son is getting ready for prom and I cry when I think of it.  Every ARD meeting where I insisted he be given the opportunities of the other kids, where I insisted he be a part of his community is coming to fruition tonight.  Every moment when I wondered if he would ever get past this stage or that and if he would ever grow up has paid off.

When Avery was born and they told us he might have Down syndrome I cried.  I cried for him and for the things he would miss but I also cried for myself and the things I would miss.  I cried for the grandchildren I would not have, I cried because I wondered if he would grow up and have someone who loved him. 

Tonight I cry tears of joy and love.  My son is going to his Junior Prom with the sweetest girl.  The sweetest girl who loves him, and thinks he’s hot.  The sweetest girl who makes him smile and do a little hurray jump when he walks because she loves him and he loves her.  And all the things I worried about, all the times I wondered if he would ever grow up are memories.  And I carry in my heart the knowledge that he will do it.  He will do the things he wants.  He will fulfill his dreams and hopes and life is good.


  1. I am proud of Avery,and I am proud of MOM for all the hard work and determination that has brought him to this point.Truly,God picked you out specifically for him,because He knew you would give him what he needs.

  2. God bless you and your wonderful son. Thank you so much for sharing that lovely moment.