Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's been a while

since I have blogged. Summer was good, the boys are in school now. Zachery is loving prek. Avery is loving his 10th grade class. He's wishing he was in 11th grade so he could work at Walmart. My boys are about to have birthdays. All three of them, next month.

Avery wants a cell phone, Zachery wants a DS and a Wii and Mike wants, I have no idea. lol He saw a beer making machine, so I might get that. September will be a busy month. I have 2 fairs, to do. I'm going to be selling my candles and Usborne books. I'm excited about it. I have been making candles like crazy. I need more tins for the wax and fragrance I have but I'm going to use all the ones I have here first. I really hope these candles sell! I'm not even going to think about if they don't. lol

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