Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Friend Pick Me Up

These are words I hear on at least a weekly basis, and usually a few times a week, from Avery. This is not something new, he has said it for a couple of years. He has showered and dressed, even ironed his clothes. He has packed suitcases, put on his shoes and waited. But no one has ever come to pick him up, even to just visit him. Let me just say that as his mom this is a knife to my heart.

So yesterday when he told me that Boomer was going to pick him up today I just said ok, great. He had youth group tonight and when he got home from school again he said, Boomer pick me up. So I again told him ok. And if he wasn't here when it was time to leave I would take him. Tonight the most amazing thing happened. We'd sent Avery into change his jeans and then I heard him on the phone. About that time the dogs started barking and I walked outside almost too excited to believe someone had come to pick Avery up!

It was Boomer, he came to take Avery to youth group. I don't know who was more excited, Avery or me. Avery got home from youth and asked me to write Boomer a thank you note for picking him up. How sweet is that? How do I thank the young man who came and did the one thing my child has waited years for?

For other kids it's no big deal. They make friends they go places with them. For my son, he has people he knows and people who care about him. But I have dreamed about the day someone would come and take him somewhere and be his friend. And today I have the hope that it will happen one day. Because Boomer came and picked him up for youth group.

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  1. and he always has you, his mom, the best friend you can have - to pick him up! Lucky boy, lucky you!