Sunday, March 21, 2010

Renovation Reality

We have started building the bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor.  So far it has taken longer than we would have hoped but we are figuring it out as we good.  We laugh that some people actually have a plan before they start but we had an idea and are making the plan as we go.

First Mike had to take out a wall in the downstairs bathroom to find the three inch line to connect the new toilet to.  This was January 28, 2010.  Then he ran all the plumping upstairs.  It took a couple of weekends to get it done.


This is what will be the boys bedroom.  All the wood had to be attached to the metal by drilling into it and then putting a bolt in it.  Oh it was a lot of fun! We started on February 13, 2010. 


This is the hall that leads to our bedroom.  This took the first 3 weekends to get done.



This will be our bedroom with the two windows.  I am standing in the boys room and the bathroom will be in between.


The new bathroom.  Behind the vanity is the staircase. 



We now have all the framing attached to the metal.


This is the outside wall of what will be out closet.  I am standing in the garage.  This was March 13, 2010.


This is the outside wall of the boys room.


This is the boys room as of March 19, 2010.  I am standing at the top of the stairs looking in.  Their closet will be right in front of me on the left.  Where Zachery and Mike are standing will be Avery’s new loft bed.  He wants a room like Drake and Josh.


It’s funny there is so much stuff upstairs we look like hoarders.  But as you can see I have cleared out lots of it.  So much of our stuff is still boxed up from the move.  We will finally be able to use it when we move the bedrooms upstairs and I have space again! 

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