Sunday, December 27, 2009

Almost a year

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I created this blog. I don't have too many posts. lol Well I have a lot I have written in my head but not posted. I have even thought of writing a secret blog to post what I really think. lol But whatever I do I think I will keep blogging.

I have just sent the boys to bed. We have had a good Christmas. Mike is on his way back to work. I worry about him. He didn't get much sleep today. It has been quiet here to past few days. I have been cooking. I made a turkey pot pie. All from scratch. Well the pie crust was the roll out kind but that counts right? lol

I am trying my hand at meal planning and spending less money. So far so good. I am not very good with a budget but I am going to master this. For crying out loud I do this for a living. lol I have manage cash flow for several companies at a time and my little check book is so sad. lol

So I am not sure what I will write about but I am going to write.

The boys are in bed and they are so loud! The talking and laughing. But it is wonderful to hear, as long as they stay in bed. I need quiet. And maybe chips and butter.

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