Friday, May 14, 2010


It was a good one! We are starting Avery’s transition planning. I had to fill out questionnaires about his plans after high school. Wow I can’t believe we are thinking about that. It seems like he just started school.

He’s had a great year and learned so much. He has progressed as much this year on his reading as he has for the past 8 years combined. His teacher is amazing and she uses things they like. They do daily current events off the internet. It’s one of Avery’s favorite things. He used to be really slow and not finish his work but when he missed getting to read and talk about his current event he got his work done. Of course I heard about LSD at dinner last night. lol Evidently current events have a lot of crime.

He’ll be in 11th grade next year so he will start his vocational training. One thing he has been looking forward to since we moved here two years ago is working at Walmart. The 11th and 12th graders get to work a couple hours a week at Walmart. He has been trying to get on that bus since 8th grade! lol

Avery has been talking about moving out. He wants to live in a group home. Mostly because he has a friend who lives in one. I am not too sure if he would want to if he didn’t live at the same house as his friend. I am so not ready to think about that yet. I can’t imagine a time when he doesn’t live at home. But I do want that for him, I want him to do all the things he wants to do.

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