Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Zachery wanted yogurt today at the grocery store.  I don’t usually buy it because of the sugar content.  He also wanted popsicles and I couldn’t find any that were sugar free.  So I told him he had to choose.  He explained that the popsicles were for after the yogurt was gone. So I bought both.

Tonight he wanted a treat and asked for a popsicle.  I reminded him about how they were for after the yogurt was gone but decided he could have whichever he wanted but only one thing and he couldn’t ask for more.  So he choose yogurt.  Evidently there was a plastic stick it the package so you could turn one into a popsicle.  And once he figured out he couldn’t use the stick on the one he had open he said he changed his mind he wanted a popsicle.

Ok I’m mean. lol  But no I’m sorry you picked yogurt and you opened it so you have to eat it.  I asked him what he was going to do with the yogurt and he said he thought I’d have it.  No I don’t like it. lol  So then he suggested Avery eat it.  I told him that Avery would have the same choice he had and that he would probably pick a popsicle.

So he decided to go ask him.  “Avery, would  you like a yogurt?”  “yes!”  “Or you could have a popsicle.”  Avery decided on the popsicle.  “Avery, it’s the neeeeew yogurt!”  “Oh cool I’ll have that!” Zachery got his popsicle. 

What a negotiator! 

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