Thursday, May 13, 2010

Be a Cop

That’s what Avery tells me he wants to be when he grows up.  He wants to be a cop just like dad.  I wish he could, I wish he could be anything he wanted.

Zachery told him tonight he’d have to stay up for a whole day and he’d be really tired! lol  It’s funny what the boys think.  Avery just says he wants to be a cop like dad and work with him.  His other job choices are, he’d like to be in the Army or work at Best Buy or Brookshires. 

I never tell him he can’t be a cop or in the army.  I just can’t be the one who does that.  I just tell him I hope he can be whatever he wants.  Maybe I’m wrong.  I don’t know, but I just can’t be the one to destroy his dreams. I do encourage him to work at Brookshires or other places he could do well at. 

Tomorrow is his ARD and we will have to do transition planning and will work with the people who will do the job coaching.  I am going to ask that we start sooner for the job training.  He is ready and he wants a job so bad!  I am excited for this part of our lives.  I love watching my son grow up but I am a little sad that he can’t just be whatever he wants.  


  1. Oh Amy, I can't even imagine. The little things we take for granted. Avery is such a sweet, happy boy... he'll love working ANYWHERE and just being around people. He'll bring blessings to the lives of people he gets to interact with. I still think back to him wheeling me out the revolving doors at Baylor... saying "Look Ms. Cheryl, it's magic". That is one of my FAVORITE memories..... Love you.

  2. Awww Cheryl that brings tears to my eyes. I'd forgotten about that and the bracelet he picked out for you. He is such a sweet boy. He was so proud to help you.