Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do onto Others

This has always been my mantra, it is what I have struggled to teach my children.  This weeks reading at church was Matthew 25: 31-46.  It’s where Jesus is separating the sheep and the goats.  The sheep he places on his right and gives them the kingdom that was prepared for  them.  They have fed, gave drink, welcomed, clothed, and visited in prison Jesus by doing these things to the least of their brothers.

Then the goats he place on his left.  He sends them away with a curse on them to the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angles.  They have not fed, given drink, welcomed, clothed or visited in prison Jesus by doing these things to the least of their brothers.  Until this week I don’t remember hearing the second part of this.  The first part is very familiar but not the second part.    

But it doesn’t really get more clear than that does it?  So later this week I read on someone’s facebook that they are very upset by someone asking them for money.  She felt like she had worked hard for her money, had struggled and sacrificed and why shouldn’t everyone do that.  She had gone without so why shouldn’t other people.  I get this to a point.  We all know that some people just have their hand out and expect others to take care of them. 

So I continued to read and see what people were saying and what was going on.  She says this is the second time the girl has asked for help and she helped her the first time but if she does it again she will just continue to ask.  And she has her own family to care for and has gone without vacations in the past to have money in savings now.  And the reason this woman is asking for help is because her husband has died and she and her child won’t have food for Thanksgiving.  Wow.

So I answered that I might not just give her cash but would drop off food so they wouldn’t be without.  She said they lived several hours away and the woman wanted a gift card for Walmart.  And when she was a child they had to go without food many days and she turned out fine. 

I don’t get it, I don’t get having enough and not helping someone.  I certainly don’t get having surplus and not helping someone, let alone someone who asked you for help. 

So I want to say thank you to those in my life who have helped me when I needed it.  Thank you for living as a sheep.


  1. Love you, girl! This week a friend had to take her son to the other side of the state, for a doc appt...the result was not what we were hoping and he will now have to go back, a few times, for treatments. The trip took everything they had and she was feeling guilty for feeding her kids quesedillas, because it was what they had and she couldn't go to the grocery store.

    I've been there, more than I like...Tuesday night I went to the grocery store, bought her family a "complete Thanksgiving meal" was only $25. It had a turkey, a small ham, a bag of potatoes, a packet of gravy, a package of rolls and a pumpkin pie. I told another friend and she told me she had a couple roasts, in her freezer, and she needed to make room for the beef she was having delivered. We met up and picked up some other stuff...butter, veggies, stuffing mix, another pie, whipped cream, etc...and we dropped it off in the driveway. Then sent a text, so they would go find it.

    Even if someone always has their hand out...I believe in giving, from my heart, in hopes that it can make a difference in someone's life. Maybe not today, but maybe years from now, when they hear from someone that is needing, they will remember the help they've received and try to do the same.

  2. I completely agree Angi. I will keep your friend and her child in my prayers. You and your friends did a good thing.

  3. Oh Amy,they need them. And you KNOW what that means, lol, coming from ME! Mama has been battling cancer and I think that may be D's diagnosis too...they aren't discussing it :( He is 11 and his 'bone age' is 7 1/2. He was a premie too... He has a rare blood sugar disease and they think it might be some how related to a tumor :(