Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rash day 3

Ok I feel so much better about the rash this morning.  I am sure it’s an allergic reaction.  He looks so bad!  I kept him home today and his face is bright red.  I put some ointment on him they gave him last year in the hospital when he was allergic to the other medicine.  So not only is his face bright red, it’s shinny! lol 

I have decided that I will pick Zachery up at lunch time and take the boys to McDonald’s for lunch.  Since Avery refuses to go into the school like this and I don’t want to leave him alone that long. 

I really woke up feeling happy thinking that he’s not in a flair!  It was what I was really afraid of, that he would be in a flair and the horror of last year was back.  We can deal with an allergic reaction. 

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