Thursday, November 17, 2011

My boys

We had some pictures taken the other day and I think they came out great. 

IMG_2623 004

It was an Avery day, the photographer, Lily Jumper Photography  donated her time for this.  She is a part of a group, Inspiration through Art that donates pictures for kids with special needs or who are ill.  img_2567

I have never asked for anything for Avery before but thought after the year he had I was asking. The boys and dad.


Mom and Avery.


Avery and Zachery



Avery and his family.


And Avery and Sarah!

img_2678   img_2655IMG_2708

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  1. This just poped up In google Images and Me and my dad own a special needs care home and I think that your sun and his "girlfriend" (I asume) Are really sweet. and I also thought the living with grampa thing was holarious. thanks keep posting. (I won't creep anymore. lol)