Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do you Pin?

I have spent many hours on pinterest finding all kinds of treasures.  All kinds of things I know I will make!  I have made exactly three.  One of them I pinned after I made it.  It was a Rum cake with chocolate chips.  The best cake ever!

The second thing I made was a breakfast casserole in a crock pot.  It was better than ok, and I’d make it again.  I think I put too many hash browns in it but that was my fault.  

The final thing I made was liquid soap.  The one where you shred three bars of Ivory soap and add water and melt.  She actually said to add H2O, so I went with distilled water.  I figured it would take the cost up a little more but we have a lot of salt in our water and I didn’t want to mess anything up, so I went ahead and spent the $1.79 for 2 gallons of distilled water.

This took me 2 days and 2 large pots.  You have to add like 12 cups of water then heat it all till the soap is dissolved, then let it sit over night to thicken up.  I will admit after I melted it all I didn’t think there was a chance in Hell that I would have anything but sudsy water the next day.  I was very surprised when I saw my soap and it was very thick.  I did have to divide it in half since I didn’t have a caldron to cook it in.  so I spent another evening adding water and melting my soap. 

The next morning it was supposed to be ready to go!  I had 2 large pots of phlegm on my stove the next day.   It smelled like soap, but wouldn’t bubble.  It was too watered down, but it wasn’t runny, it was like snot.  It was so gross.  I tried to use it but it grossed me out.  You couldn’t pour it.  I tried to use a funnel to pour it into a jug and it wouldn’t separate, it just oozed out.  So my husband took it out and filled a whole the dogs dug. 

I am happy to say the dogs have stopped digging in that spot!  The soap is still there though. 

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