Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why did you eat that?

Saturday while Z and I were at a birthday party, Avery and Mike were cleaning out the truck.  Mike found Z’s lunchbox from Wednesday that he didn’t eat.  Avery got in trouble for eating his lunch and buying lunch that day, Zachery just didn’t eat. 

Mike told Avery to go throw it away and then Avery finishes cleaning out the truck.  He did a great job!  When we got home from the birthday party Mike asked Zach about his lunch and looks in the trash and there isn’t any sandwich there!  The turkey and mayo sandwich which had been in the heat in my truck for three days had been eaten, by Avery! 

He was supposed to go to the Joy Ministry Respite but I was afraid to send him, knowing he was going to be sick.  Mike told me to call the Dr and this just seemed so familiar, I know I’ve called because he’s eaten questionable food before.   That’s when I realized it was when he ate chicken strips that had sat in his lunch box at school for 4 days.

That made me feel sooooo much better!  So we sent him off to his party.  He had a great time and felt fine!  He has an iron stomach.

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