Monday, October 15, 2012

Parent Conference

I signed up to go to a Parent Conference next month.  As I was looking at the different topics, I picked the one for GT kids.  I have spent so many, many years going to conferences on special needs, it’s funny to go for something else. 

It’s like as parents we get grouped as our kids.  If I have a child with special needs, then I must be different or not a whole parent.  It’s like I couldn’t possibly understand what regular kids go though.  I actually had someone tell me that once.  I didn’t know because my child had Down syndrome.  So no I get to go and sit in with that other group.  Does it change who I am?  Or just how I am perceived?

And maybe it’s all in my head.  Maybe when I say oh that reminds me of Avery, people don’t look at me like, oh it couldn’t my child isn’t disabled.  Because my kids are so much more than ID or GT.  They are smart, funny, quirky, kind, loving, dingy, and sometimes rude.  They are these complex, unique individuals that make my heart beat. 

So after all the hours and hours of parenting classes I sat through when Avery was little I am excited to sit through one more.  I know it sounds silly but I get to just be a regular mom now. 

My perspective is so different now.  I used to spend so much time trying to learn how to be the best mom, how to help my child the most.  Now I have confidence as a mom and am excited to just learn something different.  The steaks don’t seem as high this time.  I’m not terrified, like I was when Avery was little.  I was so afraid I would do something wrong and it would be my fault he didn’t develop like he was supposed to.  Now I know, I will do things wrong but somehow we will all get through it.  And with the Grace of God and a lot of love they will be ok.

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