Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Have Stairs!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike put in the upper stinger and added the treads. He will close in the opening on the left and put in a door so I can use that space for my canning and veggies.

Zachery ran out to tell me we had stairs! He couldn't wait to show me all the treasures he found. lol We have a ton of his toys up in the attic.

I know this is blurry but this is what will be the boys bedroom. When you get to the top of the steps it's to the left. The window looks out to the front of the land.

This is to the right of the top of the steps. Will be a hallway, with a closet for the a/c unit and then our bedroom will be the whole area past the a/c. We will take out the garage door tracts. You can't see what will be our closet, it's the area next to the a/c. We will also put in a bathroom.

Mike still has to move the duct work. He will run it out the other side of the a/c unit and add ducts for the upstairs. It's a good thing I married such a handy guy!

The area he is standing will be where the ducts will go for what is the bedroom now and will be in the closet of what will be the boys bedroom. You can see the garage, which we will leave. And what will be our closet behind him. That's above the bathroom and laundry room.

There is still a lot to be done. Hopefully Mike will be sleeping upstairs by the time school is out for summer. Zachery was very disappointed he couldn't bring his train sets down he found. I told him he had to put stuff up to get stuff down. So he brought up 4 blocks and 2 books. lol I said that didn't cut it! He has enough train sets down already.

We will paint off lines of walls and then measure everything and draw it out. I think we will start on that part tomorrow. I'm not going to paint the stairs and stain the treads until we are finished.

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