Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend 3 of the Stairs

This is were we are at the end of our third weekend building a staircase. We have the lower treads in. We will stain the treads black and paint the risers white.

Mike had to remove the ceiling in the closet.

And then remove the joist. You can see the A/C unit and the roof. The A/C unit will be in a closet when we are finished.

The joist are gone and the opening has been framed in. Mike still had wires to the bedroom and hall to deal with.

He has rewired and built on to the landing. We realized the landing needed to be big enough for the upper stringers to sit on.

This is how it looks now. He will cut out the upper stringers next weekend and will frame it out. He will close the opening on the left and put in a door so we can use the area for storage.

I hate not having a closet but can't wait for a second story! Notice Avery's cowboy hat on the end of his bed. He loves that thing!

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