Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zachery Needs Skin

I mean seriously I hear it all the time from him. I need skin, I love tummy skin! Zachery stopped nursing at 18 months. Evidently I hadn't explained my desire to nurse him to the age of two. But just because he didn't want to nurse did not mean he wanted to stop skin to skin contact. He frequently puts his hand or face on my tummy. When he sleeps his feet are usually on the small of my back. Because I prefer back skin to tummy skin.

So at four we have restrictions on when and where he can have my skin. I would prefer not to have my top pushed up in public. Tummy skin is only ok at bedtime but yes I do prefer back skin. Zachery's funny because the easiest way to get him to fall asleep is to put your hand on his tummy, with his belly button in the palm of your hand. He loves tummy to tummy skin. It's almost like he's trying to reconnect us again.

Part of me isn't surprised by that. I think back to his birth and it makes sense to me. Here he was all cozy and warm inside me. When all of a sudden his cord pulled out of the placenta and he started bleeding to death. He was then cut out of me and had tubes stuck down his throat and needles stuck in him. All in under 30 minutes. So really it's no wonder he needs tummy skin.

And seriously it's one of my favorite things. The feel of his skin on mine. I'm not looking forward to him growing up and not having that any more.

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