Sunday, March 1, 2009

El Barno

A few weeks ago we were in Tyler running errands. For those of you that don't know, Tyler is the big town. They have over 50,000 people, a mall, a Target, Best Buy and all kinds of stores. I don't remember exactly what we were after but we had been to several stores. The kids were getting hungry and asking for a restaurant. Well, as much as I was jumping up and down saying oh yes let's eat out!, I knew that we are trying not to any more. It's really expensive and then we wind up wasting food at home.

So the kids were screaming for a restaurant and for the life of me I can't remember who it was that said it first. Ok we'll go to a restaurant. We'll go to El Barno. Mike and I were just laughing! See we live in a barn, so we would just go home and eat.

The last stop we made was to a part store for something for my car. I sat there laughing to myself. The kids were so excited asking what kind of food El Barno had. Well, I said they had hamburgers and french fries. Zachery asked if they had video games like the other hamburger restaurant. Oh yes, Mike says, they have video games! Him and I just keep looking at each other and laughing. We are tickeled that we are pulling one over on the kids. lol

Mike even changes the GPS to say El Barno instead of home. We can't wait to hear it. Zachery askes how far away El Barno is. We tell him 45 minutes. He says, just like home! So Mike and I spend the entire drive home laughing and exctied for the moment the kids realize where we are going and what their reaction will be. The closer we get Zachery askes us things like, do they have playstatin? Oh yes! Do they have Ratchet and Clank? Oh yes! Oh Avery isn't that great!!

So as we get home the kids hear arriving at El Barno and just laugh. They weren't upset, they thought it was pretty funny. So yesterday we were out, in another big city Sulfur Springs with just over 14,000 people. lol Again they asked if we could go to a restaurant, and we say yes we're going to El Barno! Oh no, a REAL restaurant.

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