Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Noah and the really bad word.

I picked Zachery up from daycare on Monday, I know how crazy is it that he begs to go, and he tells me Noah said a really bad word. So of course I ask him what? Wondering if I should be encouraging my 4 year old to repeat a really bad word. He refused to tell me. So I asked if Noah got in trouble. NO! So I asked if they tied Noah to a chair, again no. Well did they hit him? Still no. One can't be too sure these days so I thought it was good to ask. Zachery seemed a little appalled by my questions but he goes with the flow. lol

Later that night Zachery comes up to me and say, "Mom." "Noah said super bitch and they didn't tie him to a chair and they didn't hit him, he had to go to time out." How do you not laugh at that! And now for the realization that kids actually come home and tell their parents things that happened during the day. It made me wonder what kind of stories I have missed from and about Avery. And what kind of stories Noah has to tell about Zachery! lol

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