Monday, January 5, 2009

Why You Ask?

Would I be creating a blog at 4:45 am? One because I am a klutz and two because I have insane dogs. I went to bed at a reasonable hour of 12:03, after bringing Smiley and Belle inside. It's cold out tonight and they wanted in. I fell on Friday night, hurting my right hand and wrist. So I am having a hard time sleeping with the pain. And to top it off Smiley wants out but is afraid of the door in the bedroom. She only wants to go out the door in the kitchen??????? Ya, so after letting Belle out the bedroom door and trying to drag Smiley, all 100 plus pounds of her, out the bedroom door, with my left arm since I can't use my right wrist, she proceeds to bark excessively at the kitchen door. So I let her our while explaining to her that she can freeze she's not coming in any more! lol

So now I'm awake. I have to get up in a couple of hours to take Zachery to daycare. He's dying to go. How crazy is that? I'm home to be with him and he begs for daycare? Well tomorrow is a good day for him to go since I have to take Avery to Mesquite to have his blood work done. I told him I'd take him to the movies too. And I have to pick up some wicks.

I'm hoping I can convince Avery to see Max Payne, which I am more likely to be able to sit through, than High School Musical 3. I will buy him the dvd the day it comes out! What a horrible mother I am not taking him to see it. I really suck. I'm sure other mothers do it and find enjoyment. If not in the movie, than in being the kind of mother who takes their kid to a movie that makes them pull their hair out. See why Zachery is going to day care? lol No way could or would he sit through it and I only have one arm right now. lol

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