Monday, January 5, 2009

What a great day

Even after being up half the night I still had a great day. It was an Avery and mom day. I got the boys ready and in the car and my car wouldn't start. So we took the truck. We dropped Zachery off at his "play school" and headed to Mesquite. First we went to the candle supply and picked up the wicks I ordered. Then off to Target. Wow they were almost empty. Evidently they had everything on sale except for what I wanted. So Avery got a new pair of jeans and a pair of gloves. I am the lucky recipient of laundry soap and paper towels.

While in line at Target a lady and two boys were behind us. Of course Avery had to great everyone and shake hands. They acted tickled and commented on his fancy hand shake. I wanted to turn around and say he's not an oddity. When the young man said to me, "I have a brother with down syndrome." And he was proud! Come to find out his brother is 29 and he is 16. Close to Avery and Zachery. And his brothers name is Zachary. lol It was raining when we left and the mom stayed with Avery by the door while I got the truck. She helped him load it too. lol I looked at her and said, "29 huh?" She said yes and he's doing great. For those of you who don't have kids with disabilities that is a great conversation. Two proud moms sharing that their kids really are ok. And a brother who was proud, he really touched me.

So we were off to High School Musical 3. Yes, I know. I asked him if he'd see Max Payne and he said he would. But I knew how much he wanted to see HSM3, and all I could think was what if he died tomorrow. How would I live with knowing I could have done something he wanted. And I thought of all the times he went with me to do things I wanted. So we went.

It was actually a good movie! We had such a good time. We had popcorn and hotdogs and soda. I could tell Avery really enjoyed it. It was really raining when we left. Avery did a "move" in the parking lot on the way to the truck. lol He cracks me up! Then we went to get his boots.

At the first store the woman was rude and wouldn't speak to him or really look at him. She threw some boots on the floor and left. We found a great pair! I refused to buy them there and called Cavenders. They had the same brand, so we headed over there. I stopped on the way out to let the manager know why we were leaving. He asked if it was a cranky woman who started to help us. Oh ya she was! lol

So when we get to Cavenders the guy is really nice and come to find out he too has a brother with a disability. I think it's kinda nice that I had both experiences today. We picked Zachery up on the way home and stopped by Sonic for dinner.

Mike is off to work now and soon the kids will be in bed!!!!! Avery goes back to school tomorrow. He's so excited. He's got his new boots and jeans out and ready to go. The whole yard is flooded so I'm worried about him soaking his new boots on the first day. lol

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