Monday, March 22, 2010

The Library Book

Zachery’s library book is due back on Monday’s.  He’s supposed to bring it on Friday so they are all there and waiting.  He also has a book in a bag he has to return every Thursday.

Thursday afternoon when I took him to school I realized I’d forgotten the book.  Well Friday he was throwing up so he didn’t go to school.  Those freaking books were on my mind all night I was afraid I was going to forget them.So when we went to leave for school I went to grab the books.  But they were gone!  I looked all over and couldn’t find them.

So finally we just went to school.  Of course now he was late and I had to explain to his teacher that I had no idea where his books were.  A couple weeks ago I had to call her, after she sent  a note home because it wasn’t returned, saying we didn’t receive a book this week.  As I’m on the phone with her, Mike starts yelling that the book is in my car! lol 

When the kids go to the library the Liberian get’s all pissy asking each child that forgot their book, where their book was.  Then she sends a bill home for the price of the book.  You know someone takes her job a little too seriously. lol  These kids are 4 and 5! 

So mom got a yellow today at prek, for loosing not one but two books! lol  I did remember that Avery had cleaned the kitchen table where the books were, so we wouldn’t forget them.  And after he got home from school figured out where he put them.  There is so much pressure in prek.

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