Friday, March 26, 2010

Things I want to ask

I’ve added a lot of “old” friends on facebook.  Such is the nature of social networks, right?  So we all talk about the right way to add someone.  Do you go right to their page and look at their pictures, read their info and see where life has brought them?  Or do you sit back and act cool and wait to see what they do?

How do you catch up 25 years?  I want to cut right to the chase.  Hey I see you are a Christian now does that mean you quit snorting coke?  Wow how many husbands have you had?  Oh, you’re dating?  Why didn’t you ever get married?  Where is Miss Manners for facebook?

Just because I friend  you does that mean I owe you an explanation of where and what my life has been?  It’s kind of hard to stay at arms distance from people when you have all of your daily personal information for the world to see.  But  you can’t just come out and ask someone if they had a chin lift.  Or can you?

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