Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving Out

Zachery and I ran to Wal-mart after school for three things.  He decided he wanted popcorn chicken and I wasn’t buying it.  So he got mad and told me I was mean.  He tried to hold the basket so I couldn’t leave, so I picked up my bag and walked out.  He ran after me telling how mean I was and how much he hated me.  This went to all the way to the car where he got in my seat and said he wouldn’t let me in the car.  I picked him up and put him out of the car, got in and shut the door. 

He got in and demanded I apologize, ya I almost laughed at that point.  As we drove home, he told me he was moving out.  I asked him where he was going and he said to grandpa’s.  I asked how he would get there and he told me he’d get a map.  Alright, was he going to leave tonight or wait until morning to head out?  He said he wasn’t leaving until Easter.  I asked him why wait so long, why not just leave now.  He said no he was waiting until after Easter.  He didn’t want to miss his candy. 

I can’t believe I was able to keep a straight face.  The he told me he was staying gone until I called and apologized.  So dad, Zachery will be there in a few weeks.  He said he knew what color the house was and could get there with a map.

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