Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Am I still in Holland?

Remember Emily Perl Kingsley’s poem about having a child with down syndrome?  It’s like being on a trip to Italy and getting off the plane and being in Holland.  Holland is not a bad place just not where you were headed.

It seems I got back on the plane to Italy.  We were rolling right along with this whole down syndrome thing and even had another child instead of being too afraid to.  But life was good, ok life was great.  We were happy and enjoying life.  I was rocking right along and feeling kinda safe.

Then I guess I thought I was heading back to Italy and instead my son’s foot started to hurt.  Now not only does he have down syndrome he, we have to deal with a chronic illness.  Seriously, not what I thought would happen. 

I really thought we got our deal of the deck.  I thought he had enough to deal with.  I guess I was naive, presumptuous, stupid or even relaxed.  Now we have to figure all this out again.  And I have to look around and figure out where this plane landed.  

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