Friday, October 1, 2010

Great to be home

This time at home he seems so much better!  The pulse treatment is amazing, too bad it’s not something we can do all the time.  He’s back on daily prednisone tomorrow.  We go to see the Rheumatologist on Wednesday and she said to bring a bag incase he has to be admitted for another pulse treatment.  I’m ok with that, it makes it a little easier knowing something is possible.

Avery and I stopped at Best Buy on our way home from the hospital today.  We bought Iron Man 2 and a Wii.  He did pretty good, I did have to get a wheel chair for him to leave.  He’s walking so much more but I know it’s going to take time to build back his stamina after being in bed for three weeks.  It was fun being in his favorite store, I just can’t wait to take him there when he has more energy. 

Zachery did better this time and he was way excited to see the Wii. lol  We will hopefully have a few normal days.  I am thinking of taking Avery back to school on Monday.  I was thinking that if he has to go back into the hospital next week it might do him good to see his friends and get some normal back.  He hasn’t been to school since September 3.  Of course I want to put him in a bubble and I worry about his immune system and the fluid around his heart but we have spent his whole life fighting for him to be all he wants to be and I just can’t give it up now.

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