Sunday, October 10, 2010


I gave Avery his first 2 shots on Friday afternoon.  I found out the box was delivered to the hospital at 9:37am and it took till noon to get it to his room.  I’m so glad I called and found it!

He did great with the shots.  It wasn’t as bas as I thought giving them.  The medicine was way harder to push that I would have thought but the sticking was easier. 

After I gave the shots, and he was fine, I started crying.  I just couldn’t stop.  I turned my back so he wouldn’t see and the tears just ran down my face.  The nurse who’d been teaching me how to do the shots came in and asked what was wrong.  She told me I did a great job.  Wow, I don’t want to do a great job, I didn’t want to have to do a great job, I didn’t want to have to give my child a shot for potentially every week of the rest of his life.  I want this to all go away. 

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