Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another weekend

We left the hospital Friday afternoon after the echo.  The echo showed no change, which is a huge disappointment.  I am not sure what it means and our Dr is checking with the Cardiologist for me to see what to do next.  We stopped for pizza on the way home.  The woman there said weren’t you here last Friday on the way home from the hospital. lol  Avery was well enough to go in with me this time. 

He had to sleep on the couch it was more comfortable with his reflex pain.  They doubled the nexium and he’s still taking the tums but it’s more controlled now.  Saturday I had to take Zachery to the Dr.  He had a sore throat and threw up.  It seems like it is just allergies and he’s on daily nose spray and allergy tabs now. 

Zachery and I did a little shopping on the way home from the big city!  After we got home we got ready and took Avery to his birthday dinner at Red Lobster.  He talked about it so much in the hospital and before he got sick.  He has been wanting to go there for a long time.  He wanted the shrimp, crab and lobster and loved it all. 

It was the craziest thing when we got to the restaurant the woman asked how many kids menus.  I said just one so she gave the guy 3 adult menus and one child menu.  We get to the table and he asks who gets the kids menu.  Mike and I both said, “I do!” lol  So the guy hands it to Avery and not Zachery the 6 year old!  So we say oh the 6 year old gets it. lol  And he walks off deciding Avery didn’t need any menu.  So I asked if he could have the one he had in his hand!  Seriously are people that stupid?

Sunday was a great day.  Avery went to church with me.  As we got into the car, I noticed that Belle looks like she’s been shot on the side.  She seems to be doing ok and it’s just a small chunk so I hope she will be ok. 

Everyone was excited to see Avery at church and he was happy to hear people praying for him.  He wanted a donut and told me that blueberry donuts are God’s blessing. lol  He might be right.

By Sunday evening he is starting to have the shoulder and joint pains.  His hands are red and pealing from the tips of his fingers.  Not sure what that means but I’ll be calling the Dr in the morning.  I took his blood pressure and as typical for him it was all over the place.  I’m keeping a log of it.

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