Monday, October 4, 2010


They come at most inopportune times.  Like Sunday during mass.  I was ok and something set me off, then we got to peace be with you and I got hugs.  Seriously I lost it then.  I do not do well with sharing my pain.  I would much rather sit in a corner and lick my wounds.

I cried during Criminal Minds, when the girl was found hanging onto the buoy.  All I could think was what a fighter she was and how my Avery was a fighter.  I cried at a bookstore today.  I am not a weepy person.  I don’t walk around looking sad and weepy and I seriously don’t share my pain.

I do share my anger.  With anyone who can hear my voice.  That I am good at.  And I am angry but mostly I am sad and completely scared. 

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