Wednesday, September 29, 2010

26 hours

Is how long we were home before we had to come back to the hospital.  I could tell Avery was uncomfortable but he wouldn’t tell us what was wrong.  By 8:45pm he was having chills and starting a fever spike and he had joint pain.  I sent him to bed hoping he was just overly tired.  By 10:30 he had fever and I called the Rheumatologist on call. 

We came back to the ER.  He was rushed through because of the fluid around his heart and the fact that the blood return on his hands and legs was really slow.   We were taken right into a trauma room and things happened pretty quickly.  It was a little scary to watch.  He got an EKG, chest xray, iv, and blood drawn within like 10 minutes.  His heart rate was crazy low and so was his blood pressure. 

When we first made it into the room he did the really cool thing of his heart rate dropping and his eyes rolling back and passing out.  They rubbed his chest and adjusted his head.  We made it back to a room by 4am. 

I got the bed from hell.  Seriously, I have complained about it from the second I sat on it and if I don’t get a new bed before I go to sleep tonight I will be getting myself a new bed.  My feet hang off from my ankle down, it is arch shaped and the top of the arch, where your back goes, is metal.  I hear they have a new part of the hospital with flat screens, I just want a bed.  Our room is so small we have to move things to walk around it.  I would make a terrible patient because I would complain about EVEYTHING! 

Avery has started high dose iv steroids.  He will receive 3 doses 20 hours apart and then hopefully we will be rid of all the scary stuff and on our way to maintenance and remission.  He is such a trouper!  Poor Z woke up and cried when he realized I was gone again.  If all works out we will be home on Friday. 

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