Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grace and Prednisone

Friday brought us relief.  I had asked the chaplain to find us a priest, the hospital’s priest was on vacation.  I wanted Avery to be anointed, so she found us one and he came at 3:30. 

"Is any among you sick? Let him call for the presbyters of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven" (Jas 5:14-15). 

The anointing was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.  Mike and the chaplain were here for it.  Avery was so out of it he really didn’t know what was going on around him.  When we all laid hands on him I honestly felt the stress leave my body, like God was just taking it.  I know that Avery needs God’s Grace and I feel so blessed that he received it.

The Dr’s also started the prednisone yesterday.  Mike was here for that.  He didn’t seem to understand why when the Dr said lets give him prednisone someone didn’t just pull it out of their pocket and hand it to him. lol  He went off on the immunology attending, whom I’d never met. 

I had to leave and go to Target to get Zachery’s birthday gifts and asked him if he was ok with that.  He said, “your the one leaving me with them.” lol  I warned Avery’s nurse that Mike had no interpersonal skills and that if anyone came in and asked about the rash would she please tell them what is had looked like, since my husband said it looked the same as when we came in. lol  I do love him but there is a reason I am the one here at the hospital and he is at home.

When I’d made it back to the hospital dermatology was in the room and they were asking Mike if they could biopsy Avery.  He told them he wouldn’t tell them they could do anything that could hurt him.  I am texting him saying if they think it will help tell them yes.  I made it back to the room and they were talking to the nurse at the nurses station.  I asked them my questions and they said they were recommending he be removed from all non essential medicine and ordering an ointment to be rubbed on his whole body!  Are they serious? lol  I said does it come in a vat? I told them the most essential medicine was the one that would put him into remission and was already removed and that only left tylenol and codeine since renal took him off of the mortin because of his kidney damage.  So they took their briefcases with wheels and walked away.  I seriously think I scared them.  They had to be first year.

Friday night we were fever free and had a good night.  I slept 4 hours straight which is the first time that has happened since we got here.  Avery was still on morphine, codeine, and benadryl for the pain of the rash but he was comfortable and not clawing at himself.  He was very surprised to find these marks all over his body.  I just cover them up and tell him they will be fine.

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  1. Hugs Amy! I cannot imagine the stress and pain you are going through for your boy. Love ya hun!