Sunday, September 26, 2010

Third dose of Prednisone

We had fever at 9:00 when the prednisone was due.  I was so totally not surprised.  His first dose was given at 3:30 pm on Friday and the second at 9:00 am on Saturday so this was the first full 24 hours we have gone. 

The Rheumatologists have been in and have decided to double his steroids.  We’ll get 60mg twice a day now.  I think that will help. They also told me that his liver function tests were coming back high now but for now he can keep getting the tylenol if he needs it, they think it’s part of the systemic disease.  Renal has already taken us off all NSAID’s because of his kidney tests.  And he needs something for the pain of this rash.  The hope is that when the prednisone is working good he won’t need pain meds. 

It was funny this morning, Avery’s temp was 101.9 and the nurse looked at me and asked when did I want to start cooling him down.  Like with cold rags and ice.  I said oh not till it gets to 104. lol  What kind of altered reality do I now live in? 

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