Sunday, September 19, 2010

It’s a party, when dad goes to work.

At least that’s what he thinks.  And well some days it is.  I like getting out in the evening and ok I admit it I like soda.  So two weeks ago, not too long after Mike went to work, the kids wanted ice cream and I wanted a coke.  So I said come on lets go to DQ!  We didn’t have school the next day so why not.

I think the kids might have been in their jammies but I said throw on some shoes and lets go.  It’s not like I’d go in. I hate going in, I love the drive though. 

Avery was the last out the door and i was telling him to hurry so bugs didn’t get in the house.  He was putting on his shoes and said owe, his foot hurt.  I’m sure I thought ok whatever, or knock it off just put your shoes on.  I know I thought it was odd and kept asking him where it hurt.  I think I even told him to just not wear shoes, it didn’t matter.  I do know I asked if he just wanted to not go, we could stay home, but it wasn’t bad enough to miss DQ.

I didn’t worry too much about his foot, he was walking ok.  I did keep asking about it and tried to pinpoint where the pain was.  Then a couple hours later I had him sitting on the couch next to me and was talking to him about antagonizing his brother.  I noticed a rash on his arms and asked if it itched.  I couldn’t feel any bumps but again thought it was odd. 

My first thought was oh no he’s allergic to his new Axe body spray. But it didn’t look like when he had hives. But I went ahead and gave him some Benadryl and sent him to bed.   I checked on him before I went to bed and he seemed fine.  The next morning he said his left arm hurt, he couldn’t bend it.  His foot still hurt and the rash was now on his legs too. 

I called the Dr’s office and left word for the nurse on call to call me back.  I told her about his symptoms and that what worried me was that one of his pimples or bumps he has was infected and was in his blood.  He was having a hard time walking on is foot so she told me to take him to the ER.

I freaking hate the ER, it’s full of sick people.  And being a bit of a germophobe it’s not somewhere I want to be and I needed to take Zachery with us because Mike was sleeping for work.  We didn’t have long to wait and the Dr didn’t think it was too much to worry about.  They ran some blood tests and everything was normal.  He thought it was a side effect to medicine or some rare skin thing.  He also started him on steroids and said if he wasn’t better in a couple of days to take him to his Dr and that he’d like him to see the rash.  So we went home, after stopping at Sonic.

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