Monday, September 20, 2010

You don’t get the right to tell me not to worry

He’s my child, you don’t have children.  Yes you have been a Dr for a couple of months but I have way more to loose than you do.  I can’t just wait and see what happens.  The Dr said 4 hours and it’s not my fault it took you two hours to figure out how to order the drug and another hour and a half to get it here from pharmacy and yet another hour and a half to get someone to give it to him.  Then give it to him wrong.  And I want to know if he spikes a fever after the 4 hours if that means it didn’t work or if that means we have to try again.  Yes I know you don’t know anything about this drug and that is why I explained to you I was sorry everyone was sleeping but it wasn’t my fault it took four and a half hours to give it when I should have known the answer by then.  So really me taking twenty minutes to find my inner self and relax isn’t going to matter.  Cause see I promised my son that this was it that he was going to feel better and get to come home soon.  So when you can even fathom what I am going through then you will know that I can’t just sit and wait and not worry and you have no right to ask me to.

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  1. Yep, you're correct. I do appreciate this! So many docs are stuck int he book and don't connect with the patient or their family. Stick with us, we DO know and we will be here to let you vent.