Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who does that?

We have a family fridge on our floor that we have been using for two weeks.  It has worked great until Friday night when someone ate all my lunch I was unable to eat and was saving for dinner. 

Since then they took Avery’s pediasure, boost and breeze that are nutritional supplements he needs since he has lost 10 kilos since coming into the hospital. The $7 worth of ice cream I had bought and my lunch/dinner I never got to eat and his chicken strips and yogurt he wanted me to save were all eaten.  I even caught the kids in there doing it, while they were eating all the popsicles and juice boxes for the patients.  They asked me if I wanted juice.  I explained this wasn’t juice I was getting it was food for my child since he couldn’t eat.  Ya it didn’t faze them at all they finished off his breeze.

Everyone is so very sorry, except for the people doing it.  The nurses bought Avery more rocky road and put it in their freezer.  Social work brought me food cards and talked to the family of the kids that are doing this.  They explained that if it has someone else’s name on it, that means it’s not yours and you don’t take it.  But  honestly that is not something that can be taught at 14! 

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