Sunday, September 26, 2010

A great day!

We have had a great day.  Avery is really responding to the prednisone and having two doses a day will help.  His rash is leaving and his spirits are good! 

I am going to push to go home tomorrow.  We can monitor him at home and follow up in clinic.  And we get all new residents tomorrow. lol  So this is a perfect time to run.

He is so sweet!  They told me tonight they fight over him. lol  Everyone comments on his sweet manners.  The nurse told me that she just left a room where a two year old cussed her out to come into Avery’s room with yes ma’am and please and thank you.  So ya I’m proud. lol  I love that even when they are mean and wild at home my boys are respectful and polite in the real world.

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