Thursday, September 23, 2010


That’s all I need to hear in a dead sleep to be up and moving.  Now don’t get me wrong, normally I’m one of those oh just give me a few more minutes or do you really need me kind of moms.  But here in the hospital as soon as Avery says it I’m grabbing the urinal or something. 

So a bit ago I hear MOM, BATHROOM.   I was up and moving the tray and taking off the pulse ox and helping him to the potty.  Got business taken care of and told him to stand up.  I said ok if you can’t stand you can’t go home today.  Ya in hindsight I feel like an ass.

So Avery stood in the bathroom and I told him to stand there a sec and I’d help him back to bed. I turned around to wash my hands and he passes out and has one arm in the toilet and is kinda laying over hit.  I try to help him and can’t so I reach over and put the nurse call button in the bathroom.  Of course the thing breaks off so I start pushing on it and yelling for help. 

Our nurse was right in with a couple other nurses and Dr G I because a Dr two months ago and know everything.  I told them it looked like he passed out.  He was upset and we couldn’t get him up.  I asked someone to hand me his cup and we could catch our breaths.  I gave him a drink and told him to breath. 

We got him up and back into bed.  Dr G left.  Uh I realize it’s nothing to you but you patient just passed out, think you’d want to do something.  So I went back out and asked the nurse to hook his pulse ox back up, since I’d ripped it off on our way to the bathroom.  And I wanted her to take a blood pressure.  I said I realize I’m not a Dr but maybe it had bottomed out again and we should check it.  I do think he will do ok at home.  We will take it easy and he won’t be on isolation, so he will be able to walk around.  Just hope everyone else sees that and that nothing else is going on.


  1. "Orthostatic hypotension". That's what happens when you stand up and your blood pressure drops. For some, it drops enough to cause you to pass out, or at a minimum, get a "head rush". As long as he doesn't injure himself, it's harmless.