Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butt Walk Massage

This horrible rash Avery has is so very painful, as it spreads he yells he is burning.  Well tonight it started on his butt.  He was begging me to get the nurse, I don’t know what he thought she could do that I wasn’t already doing but hey I’m game.  I had but some topical steroid ointment on it, yes the stuff dermatology ordered, and it burned more.  So I was using wet rags to cool him down and try to get if off.  This rash is like a severe sunburn and it is hot.

The nurse brought a different kind of cream and we tried that, well that burned more. He yelled for me to blow on it.  Honestly the nurse and I almost lost it laughing.  Here I am leaning over my 17 year old son’s butt blowing on it.  I know it wasn’t funny but, well you have to find the humor somewhere. That wasn’t working and by now he was pounding his fists on the mattress and crying, and yelling “I hate burn cream, what is that burn cream, I hate it”, so I said just get the morphine.  She put the morphine in his iv and he calmed down pretty fast. 

I picked up all the wet rags and washed my hands and went to get a cup of ice.  I was standing by the nurses station when we could here in very loudly saying, “ohhhhh yaaaaaaaaahhh!”  lol  Again all we could do was laugh.  When I got back into the room he was smiling and cheering and doing this squirm thing.  I said what are you doing?  “Butt walk massage!”  Every time I tell him to scoot up in the bed I tell him to butt walk back.  I guess the morphine was working and he was out of pain! lol 

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  1. HAHA I love it! I am happy to hear you are finding moments to laugh :-)