Monday, September 20, 2010

Now we are waiting

Avery got his shot of anakinra at 9pm.  I got a little anxious since it was taking so long.  The Dr left at 4:30 and said he would be getting it.  We agreed to be in a study so they drew labs.  They had to sick him anyway for another culture and I figured if it could help someone else find an answer sooner then that would be nice. 

I kept looking for the shot to come and after about an hour the resident came in and asked the nurse if she was supposed to order it and she was so she asked the nurse if she knew how to order it, then wanted to know what the dosage was.  At that point I’d googled it and was ready to tell her.  So they drew blood and we went down to sono for his kidney sonogram.  We made it back to the floor at 7:30 and it was here waiting on us.  Unfortunately his nurses son was in the ER and had been hurt so she had to run.  She gave report to a ne nurse before she left and by 9  when we still didn’t have it I was freaking a little.  I really don’t want him to have another fever spike tonight if we can help it. 

So the charge nurse come in and gave it.  Unfortunately, she gave it sub d instead of sub q.  So she said she call the pharmacist and he said it would take an extra hour to work.  I just hope it does work. 

I guess we go to sleep and see if we have a fever in the night and how he feels in the morning.  They said fever relief in like 4 hours and then in a couple days everything is resolving.

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