Monday, September 20, 2010

The first visit to the Dr’s office

The next morning I called the Dr’s office at 8 am, I was trying to win the first phone call lottery.  I made an appointment to see the nurse practitioner and took him in.  He was having a really hard time walking by then.  I was having to help him stand and walk.  He said his ankles hurt and his feet and his arm.   The advil was helping so I took that with  us I didn’t want him to miss a dose because as it was it was only lasting a couple of hours.  I also took the paperwork from the ER visit and the Rx that Dr wrote us which I hadn’t filled yet.  The nurse thought he had fifth disease which is a virus and it can cause pain in adults.  She told us not to fill the Rx for steroids, there were more side effects than what could help him.

So we went home and I gave him advil for the pain and watched him.  When the advil was working he could use his hands, when it wasn’t he couldn’t.  That was Tuesday after Labor day and pretty much the last day he got off the couch. 

The pain was bad.  He couldn’t do anything and the advil was only lasting a couple  hours.  On Thursday I called the Dr’s office and asked how to control his pain during this time.  The joint pain with the fifth can last for up to 4 weeks so we aren’t thinking anything different at this point.  He had started having fever, so I mentioned that.  They wanted to see him if he had three days of fever but gave me some different doses for the advil to help with the pain.

It was hard watching him like this.  I kept saying to him Avery I hate this!  No more sicky!  On Saturday morning we started on our forth day with fever so we headed back to the Dr.  He send us for some blood test and said he’d call me that afternoon. 

Avery’s once normal blood tests were now elevated showing an infection so his Dr started him on antibiotics and said if he still had the fever on Monday he wanted him seen by Infectious Disease.  

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